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Online marketing to secure customer retention, leads, and sales. We focus on the bigger picture.

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Our online revenue has increased by more than 160% in 6 months.

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“The team at Avada Marketing Consultant is fabulous. They helped us unlock our potential online and offline. We have experienced year on year growth due to their progressive approach.”

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Grow Your Online Business Strategically, and Improve Customer Retention.

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Improve Customer Retention and Sales.

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How do I get started?2023-09-19T18:46:12+00:00

The first step is to call us at (516) 822-3131 to arrange your initial appointment with one of our Coping Counselors. During this appointment, you will talk to the trained professional with whom you will be working, and learn how coaching can benefit your life and help you reach your goals.

Regardless of your current situation, you do have what it takes to improve your life. The Coping Counselors at the Center for Coping offers the support and guidance that can help you reach your goals. Our trained professionals can help you make the positive changes you want to make.

What is the cost to hire a coach?2023-09-19T18:46:12+00:00

Most coaches working with individuals charge about $200 – $750 per month for one half-hour call per week. Executive coaches work with clients for an hour or two each week and can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 per month. Please speak to our staff for more information about our fees.

Can I hire a coach for just one project?2023-09-19T18:46:12+00:00

You certainly can. Some clients want a coach to help them with a specific project or goal. Often, however, they have such success that they continue to put coaching to work in other areas of their life. All the coach asks is that you accept the concept of coaching and you be willing to try new approaches to achieve what you want.

What is the time commitment for coaching?2023-09-19T18:46:12+00:00

Many coaches ask for a 3 – 6 month commitment, but usually let you stop if coaching is not working for you at the present time. Our coaches ask for a monthly commitment, and allow you to make all decisions as to whether or not to continue.

Why would a successful person need a coach?2023-09-19T18:46:12+00:00

People who have achieved success understand the importance of making an investment that can affect their future. Acquiring new skills, staying ahead of the competition, setting goals, and reaching them are already part of their everyday life. Coaching can provide that extra “charge” that a successful person needs to achieve their goals and be happier in both their personal and business lives.

Does coaching work for both personal and professional goals?2023-09-19T18:46:12+00:00

It certainly does. Many people who have had success with coaching in one area of their life continue using a coach to improve another area. A coach can also help you identify which areas of your life really should be priorities for you. In fact, a coach can help you achieve a more effective balance between your personal and business life.

Why is a trained, licensed therapist often the best coach?2023-09-19T18:46:12+00:00

A trained personal coach who is also a licensed therapist gives you the benefit of a professional who is trained to provide the coaching support you need, combined with the knowledge and background to recognize and help you deal with other issues that may be causing you difficulty.

What is the difference between coaching and counseling?2023-09-19T18:46:12+00:00

There are many similarities and differences between coaching and counseling. Traditional counseling generally addresses presenting problems, things that are interfering with someone’s happiness. It may focus on where these problems came from, as well as using therapeutic methods to change problem behaviors.

Coaching is much more focused on self-improvement, a way to achieve goals, and be happier. The purpose of coaching is to work together with your coach to set up an action plan to achieve a particular goal. You’ll then work with your coach to implement the steps that will help you to achieve your goal and deal with any obstacles you may encounter along the way.

How do I know if coaching is right for me?2023-09-19T18:46:12+00:00

Coaching will be most beneficial to you if you are ready and willing to make positive changes in your life. Having a coach is like having a teacher, counselor, friend, and mentor all in one. S/he will listen to you, offer encouragement, and work with you to attain your goals. If you like this idea, then coaching is right for you.

What kinds of problems lead people to work with a coach?2023-09-19T18:46:12+00:00

Coaching can help you work through a challenging problem, “fine-tune” some areas that need strengthening, or work to improve a chosen area of your life, including:

  • Change negative thinking into positive change
  • Determine realistic personal life goals to enhance their happiness
  • Setting and reaching personal goals
  • Facing a new experiences
  • Coping with change or transition
  • Finding motivation in your daily life
  • Reducing your stress
  • Improving your relationships
  • Coping with family issues
  • Improving self-confidence
  • Dealing with divorce
  • Among many others
How can coaching help me?2023-09-19T18:46:12+00:00

A person hires a coach to get more out of life. You are making a commitment by working with a professional coach; this will help you to better focus on your goals, take them more seriously, and benefit from the guidance you’ll receive in working towards your goals.

How can I set up an appointment?2023-09-19T18:46:12+00:00

Please call us at (516) 822-3131 to set up an initial appointment with one of our trained biofeedback therapists.

Who conducts the biofeedback training?2023-09-19T18:46:12+00:00

Our biofeedback therapists are knowledgeable, compassionate healthcare professionals with years of experience in helping patients by using biofeedback.

Does the equipment involve needles or otherwise invasive procedures?2023-09-19T18:46:12+00:00

Biofeedback is completely safe and non-invasive. There are no needles or insertion devices used in this treatment. Measurement devices are attached to your skin, either through adhesives, medical tape, or velcro.

How long are biofeedback sessions?2023-09-19T18:46:12+00:00

The first biofeedback session is 60 minutes in length. This involves a comprehensive intake evaluation and baseline reading, which will enable us to track your progress throughout treatment. All subsequent sessions are approximately 45 minutes. The length of treatment depends on the intensity and frequency of the symptoms and your motivation. The therapist will periodically evaluate and discuss your progress to better determine the approximate length of treatment.

What age group is treated through biofeedback?2023-09-19T18:46:12+00:00

Individuals of all ages can be treated with biofeedback. For children, it is recommended that they be over the age of 5.

How does biofeedback work?2023-09-19T18:46:12+00:00

During a typical biofeedback session, the therapist will connect you to one or several measurement devices that help you better understand the physiological processes occurring within the body. Some devices include EMG (measuring muscle contractions), thermal (skin temperature), skin conductance (sweat gland activity), respiration (breathing), heart rate activity, and blood pressure. By monitoring these measurements and utilizing customized techniques (taught by the biofeedback therapist) to help reduce stress and physical or emotional symptoms, you can begin to experience relief for many problems that were otherwise treated by medication and subsequent therapies. (Click here for more information about how biofeedback works.)

Do you accept credit cards?2023-09-19T18:46:12+00:00

Yes. Any fees can be charged to Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover, or PayPal. Additional services, such as Zelle, can ease the payment process.

Do you have different payment plans?2023-09-19T18:46:13+00:00

Yes. Although some people choose to pay in full at the time of each session, others are not able to do so. Our billing department will make every effort to work out a comfortable deferred payment plan for anyone who needs it.

How much do you charge?2023-09-19T18:46:13+00:00

Our fees are reasonable and vary according to the service provided. Our billing department will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our fees.

Does insurance cover your fees?2020-11-04T10:27:45+00:00

Because of the importance of maintaining your privacy, we do not participate in any HMO or managed care plans. However, most insurance carriers will provide partial reimbursement for both private or group services on an out-of-network basis. In addition, we welcome Medicare cases and accept No-Fault and Workers’ Compensation cases. (We do not accept Medicaid.) Our staff will help submit the necessary insurance forms and reports.

What happens if someone is physically unable to get to your office for appointments?2020-11-04T10:27:31+00:00

We offer full telephone and HIPAA-compliant video sessions for people who, for any reason, are not able to come to the office, or who prefer “at home” convenience.

Can you be reached by telephone?2020-11-04T10:26:11+00:00

Our telephones are answered 24 hours a day, either by staff or our reliable voice-mail technology. For existing patients, a professional is on call for emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Do I have to come every week?2020-11-04T10:25:25+00:00

Initially, most people seem to make the best progress with weekly sessions. However, there is no requirement concerning the frequency of visits. After you’ve made significant progress, you may decide to decrease the frequency of your visits. Eventually, sessions may be scheduled on an “as needed” basis.

How long are treatment sessions?2020-11-17T09:54:35+00:00

In general, private sessions range from 30 to 45 minutes (or longer if desired or appropriate). Group sessions range from 60 to 90 minutes, and workshop sessions vary in length.

How long do I have to work with a Coping Counselor?2020-11-17T10:04:31+00:00

First of all, let’s be positive. You don’t have to work with us. If you choose to, the length of treatment varies based on the problems to be worked on and the effort put into working on them. However, because our services are “action-oriented,” in many cases treatment is short-term.

What is the primary function of the Coping Counselors at the Center for Coping?2020-11-04T10:16:30+00:00

We provide different types of services – mostly private sessions, but also groups, workshops, and seminars – all with the goal of helping people improve their ability to live effectively with different types of problems.

What types of problems do you specialize in helping people cope with?2023-09-19T18:37:14+00:00

We specialize in working with stress, anxiety, depression, issues with children, family and relationship problems, chronic medical conditions, as well as many of life’s everyday difficulties.

Who do you work with?2020-11-04T10:18:33+00:00

We work with individuals of all ages, from children through senior citizens. We work either with the person who has the problem, other family members, or both.

What kinds of techniques do you use?2020-11-04T10:18:37+00:00

After working with you to identify the goals for treatment, we’ll select from a variety of appropriate techniques and methods to determine the best course of treatment to accomplish those goals in the most efficient length of time possible.

Who provides your services?2020-11-04T10:20:01+00:00

All services are provided by credentialed professionals, selected because of their expertise, experience, sensitivity, and interest in providing excellent treatment.

Who do you discuss my treatment with?2020-11-06T05:47:53+00:00

All sessions are strictly confidential. No information is released regarding what goes on in any treatment unless you sign an authorization for the release of information. On occasion, only with your authorization, a consultation will take place between our Coping Counselor and the professional (if any) who referred you to us. Again, this will only take place with your consent. (Please be aware: all of our Coping Counselors are bound by the standard “duty to inform” policy, which states that confidentially may be breached if the information revealed in treatment indicates a threat to self or another identifiable individual. We’ll be happy to clarify this policy if you’d like.)

Do you provide medication?2020-11-04T10:20:37+00:00

No. Our Coping Counselors are credentialed professionals but are not physicians. In cases where medication may be appropriate, we can refer you to one of our consulting psychiatrists, consult with your physician for the appropriate medication, or consider alternate forms or sources of services.

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