Ways To Make Working From Home More Productive

Since the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become the “new normal” for people to work from home. We are spending most of our time in our houses; many people report that this makes them feel exhausted and overwhelmed. There are many pros to working from home, such as the lack of commute, but also many cons, such as each day blurring from one to the next. So here are some ways to make working from home more manageable and more productive.

1. Keep to a schedule

Working from home means that you can wake up 5 minutes before you have to “log in.” But try to avoid this. Wake up earlier, enjoy some time in the morning, drink your coffee, exercise or stretch, eat breakfast to wake yourself up and prepare for your work. Doing this can help you feel more energized and get you into the routine of setting aside some time for yourself early on.

2. Get dressed

Although it is very tempting to keep your favorite pajamas on all day every day (after all, who’s coming to visit?), getting dressed can help you get into “work mode” as opposed to “relax mode”. You don’t have to dress up too much. Dress comfortably. But just by changing your clothes, you are putting yourself in the mindset of working, thus creating a difference between your work and your leisure.

3. Choose a space and make it your “workspace”

Your bed should be just that – a place for sleeping! As comfortable as it may be, leave your bedroom before you start checking emails, or logging onto your laptop. Bedrooms are our sanctuary and if you start doing work in there you may begin to associate your bed with stress. Keep your job materials in another place and maintain that as your space for work. This will help you to get up and “go” and feel prepared to work from a designated spot.

4. Take walks/ breaks when you can

Staring at a computer monitor for hours at a time can be monotonous. So make sure you take adequate breaks. For example, step outside for a few minutes, stretch, eat healthy snacks, or have a glass of water. Give your eyes and mind breaks when you can to help keep yourself sharp and avoid burning yourself out.

5. Establish boundaries

We are accessible 24/7 these days. Technology allows us to be infinitely connected. Technically, we could answer emails at any hour of the day. But try to avoid this. If your job is letting you keep your work hours, then you should only work during that time period. If you are expected to be online from 9-5, then do your work only during those hours (except for anything urgent). When your workday is scheduled to come to a close, allow yourself to be done for the day.

6. Minimize interruptions

A lot of things happen around the house especially if you have kids, pets, or other family members present. Tell your family your work hours, put a sign up near your workspace (on the door) stating “I’m Working” and wear headphones to limit your noise distractions.

Working from home is now common practice for people everywhere. The adjustment may come with some new struggles you may not have expected. Be flexible, be patient, and follow these steps to ensure a smooth transition. This will help you have a more productive, and balanced work-life experience!

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