Please click one circle for each of the 20 items:

1. How often do you experience parenting problems?
2. Do you believe your children have any “problems”?
3. Do you argue with your children?
4. Are you happy with your relationships with your children?
5. Are you consistent in the rules you set for your children?
6. Are you happy with your children’s personalities?
7. How often do you need to punish your children?
8. How often do your children depress you?
9. Does parenting come naturally to you?
10. Do you find it easy to talk to your children?
11. How often do your children follow rules that are set for them?
12. Do you feel overwhelmed by parenting responsibilities?
13. Do you get good reports from your children’s teachers?
14. Do you like your children’s friends?
15. How often do your children frustrate you?
16. Do you feel any guilt about how you’re raising your children?
17. Do your children listen to you?
18. How often do you regret having children?
19. Are your children able to tell you when things bother them?
20. Do you like spending time with your children?
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