National Reputation

We are very proud of the fine reputation the Center for Coping has gained over these past many years. The Center and its Director, Robert H. Phillips Ph. D., are known nationally and internationally, and both are frequently written about or quoted.

Here is a sampling of what has been written about the Center for Coping…

Medical Tribune

“The Center for Coping, established in 1984, offers group therapy as well as private therapy, and emphasizes action-oriented approaches – not long-term counseling.”

The New York Times

“The Center uses a variety of techniques that patients can learn quickly and carry out on their own. Therapy is short-term, usually limited to a few months… ”

Copley News Service, San Diego

“Some physicians on New York’s Long Island are now referring patients with heart disease, kidney failure, diabetes, gastric disorders, arthritis, and numerous other chronic disorders to the Center for Coping… ”

The Ladies’ Home Journal

“A new two-minute relaxation technique that can put you back in control was developed at the Center for Coping.”

Medical Times

“All of the therapies at the Center – individualized for each patient – emphasize identifying the problem, taking action and implementing strategies to cope.”

Prevention Magazine
“A shorter version of progressive relaxation, called the “Quick Release”, was developed at the Center for Coping on Long Island… ”

Essence Magazine
“The Center for Coping helps patients restructure their thought patterns, set realistic goals, and learn to lead a happy life… ”