Insurance Reimbursement Information

Our billing department is happy to work with you to help you benefit from your insurance coverage. Although we do not participate in any HMO managed care programs (for information about why, please click here), the professional services offered by the Coping Counselors at the Center for Coping are reimbursable by most other insurance programs. This page is designed to give you the most current information about this important topic.

For Those Individuals Covered By Medicare

  • As Medicare providers, we follow the Medicare fee schedule for psychological services. Medicare pays its part of the allowable fee, with the balance due as the co-payment. However, many non-HMO secondary policies (such as the Blues or AARP) will cover some, if not all, of the copayment. Patients are responsible for any unreimbursed deductibles and copayments.

For Those Individuals Covered By No-Fault or Worker’s Compensation

  • Pre-approved benefits provided by these plans are accepted by our credentialed Coping Counselors as payment in full for services rendered. (Please be aware that if it is determined that your No-Fault or Worker’s Compensation plan does not cover our services, you are responsible for fees.)

For Those Individuals Covered By Private Insurance Companies

  • Most private insurance carriers reimburse at least partially for psychological services performed by out-of-network providers. Insurance coverage and reimbursement is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

For All Individuals

  • If the necessary information is provided beforehand, the Center for Coping billing department can often obtain, directly from the insurance company, basic information pertaining to an individual’s coverage. This helps expedite making the necessary insurance and fee arrangements.
  • The Center for Coping billing department is happy to assist in insurance claim submission and follow-up for all individuals working with our professionals.
  • If permitted by the insurance carrier, and requested by the individuals being seen, we will accept assignment of insurance benefits so only the co-payment, if any, need be paid at the time of the session.
  • A variety of deferred payment plans, the acceptance of credit cards, and other convenient options are available to facilitate payment of any of our professional fees.

If you have any questions, please call our billing department at (516) 822-3131.

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