Attention Clergy:

Meeting The Psychological Needs Of Your Congregants

Why Is This So Important?

Individuals being counseled by you for personal problems are, assuredly, receiving excellent guidance and spiritual advice. However, all too often, underlying psychological problems are involved, requiring professional psychological intervention.

Dealing with a person’s unique psychological needs is sometimes not possible for spiritual leaders. The amount of time and expertise necessary to help people experiencing these problems often exceeds what is realistic within a spiritual leader’s busy schedule. Being able to refer with assurance to a qualified mental health professional saves you time while maintaining the proper balance of spiritual advice and compassion for your congregant.

That’s where we can be of help.

The Coping Counselors at the Center for Coping have years of experience providing effective, short-term, problem-solving psychological services for individuals requiring strategic help in learning how to deal with their problems.

Of course, there are times that it can be difficult to suggest that someone “seek help”. It might sound as though you think their issues are in their heads, or that they’re weak. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It takes strength to do whatever they can to help themselves regain control of their lives.

Here’s a suggestion:

Perhaps you could mention that we offer free consultations. Just suggest that they meet one of our Coping Counselors to discuss how we can help them feel better. For everyone’s convenience, these consultations are available as face-to-face, telephone, or HIPAA-compliant video appointments.

At this free, no-obligation appointment, we’ll discuss the things that are affecting them, and discuss a plan for how we can help, using constructive, effective coping strategies. Remember, they’re under no obligation to continue to use our services.

We look forward to helping those individuals you refer to us for our quality mental health services.


How Else Can We Help?

  • If you have questions about any of your congregants, or the issues they are dealing with, call our director, Dr. Phillips, directly to consult. Simply call (516) 822-3131. Or e-mail him at He’ll be happy to respond to your e-mail.
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