“Coping Conversations” Podcast

Hosted by: Dr. Bob Phillips

Thank you for considering being a guest on “Coping Conversations”. Here is some helpful information for you to know about interview appearances on the podcast.

The Podcast:

Coping Conversations” is a popular podcast, hosted by internationally renowned psychologist, Dr. Bob Phillips.

As a podcast, it first aired in 2019. However, “Coping Conversations” has been airing regularly since 1991, first on New York radio stations, then as a nationally available audio-streamed radio program, and finally as a podcast.

As the main focus, our listeners are always fascinated to hear about our guest’s interesting life activities and successful coping experiences, hence the name “Coping Conversations“! The show is positive, upbeat, and fascinating, and guests invariably enjoy being on the show.

“Coping Conversations” podcast details:

  • Purpose of the podcast: On each episode, Dr. Phillips interviews a well-known celebrity or expert, bringing the listening audience up to date on current appearances, performances, publications, and other activities of interest. Guests are given the opportunity to promote/discuss any previous, current, or upcoming projects.
  • The show: 15 to 20 minutes long, taped in advance on Zoom. (Please note: video is only so the guest and Dr. Phillips can see each other during their conversation; only audio is uploaded). For those guests unable to access Zoom, telephone taping can be discussed as an option.
  • Podcast availability: This is a national podcast, with a large audience, available on all of the major podcast apps (including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart Radio, and more).
  • Previous guests have included: Edward Asner, George Carlin, Judy Collins, Larry King, Connie Francis, Senator Bob Dole, Albert Ellis, and many more. (Please click here for a more complete list, and a recent calendar of guest appearances.)
  • About the host, Dr. Bob Phillips: Dr. Phillips is an internationally renowned, licensed psychologist, the author of more than 40 best-selling books, and the founder and director of the Center for Coping ( on Long Island, New York.

For more information or to schedule an interview:

Please email, or call (516) 246-5015.

Where to find and listen to the “Coping Conversations” podcast:

… and many other popular podcast apps!

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